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How and when will the Candidate list be updated?

A Member State Competent Authority or the ECHA can nominate a substance they consider to be a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) for inclusion on the candidate list.

To do this they must first notify the SVHC to the Registry of Intentions which is published on the ECHA website (click here to go to the current Registry of Intentions). By checking this list of substances, companies are able to identify substances within their portfolios and determine their interest in these substances with regards to the impact on their supply chains.

Following the notification of an SVHC to the Registry of Intentions the notifier (i.e. Member State Competent Authority) must prepare and submit an Annex XV dossier detailing the properties of the substance and any proposed restrictions on the use of the SVHC. After a 45-day consultation period during which interested parties can comment on the dossier, the proposed SVHC will go through a final procedure whereby the Member States and the Commission decide on whether the toxicological risk is sufficient for it to be included on the Candidate List

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