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The candidate list comprises of substances that have been identified as SVHCs and as such they may be subject to inclusion on the Authorisation list (Annex XIV of the REACH Regulation).

Once an SVHC is included on Annex XIV the substance cannot be manufactured or imported into the EU as of a specific date defined by ECHA (the ‘sunset-date’) unless the company concerned has obtained authorisation for a specific use or number of uses. Click here to view the current Annex XIV list.

Applications for authorisation need to be made within the deadline set by ECHA. The application must include:

  • A justification for continued use.
  • A Chemical Safety Report (CSR) covering risks related to those properties that caused the substance to be included in the authorisation system (unless already submitted as part of the registration).
  • An analysis of possible alternative substances or technologies as potential substitutes.
  • A socio-economic analysis of the application.

If the analysis of other substances or technologies identifies a potential alternative exists, the applicant must submit a substitution plan detailing the program and timeframe under which the alternative will be introduced. 

ReFaC can help your company if you have a substance that is on the candidate list or is recommended for authorisation.

Contact ReFaC now for assistance and advice.

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