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Are you ready for the 2018 REACH deadline?

  1. Know your portfolio
  • Identify which substances are subject to registration by 31 May 2018
  • Understand your obligations under REACH
  • Ensure substance identity information is correct
  • You may at this point identify the need to work with a consultant
  1. Find co-registrants and work with them
  • Find out who intends to register or has already registered the same substance 
  • Join the SIEF or pre-SIEF
  • Organise data sharing and cost sharing within SIEF
  1. Risk and hazard assessment
  • Compile information on uses
  • Conduct data gap analysis
  • Collect all hazard data according to REACH information requirements appropriate for tonnage and use of substance (Annex VII, Annex VIII, Annex IX, Annex X) - record in registration dossier
  • Agree classification and labelling within SIEF - record in registration dossier
  • Carry out chemical safety assessment (CSA) if manufacturing/importing ≥  10 tpa
  1. Prepare and submit IUCLID dossier
  • Prepare lead or joint registration dossier, as appropriate
  • Submit via REACH-IT account
  • Monitor REACH-IT account; ECHA communicates with registrants via this platform
  • Pay fee within deadline indicated in the invoice sent by ECHA
  1. Maintain REACH Registration
  • Keep registration up-to-date; registration is a continuing committment
  • Registrations should be updated when new and relevant information becomes available
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