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REACH Third Party Representative (TPR) Services

Pre-registrants of phase-in substances are able to appoint a Third Party Representative when they make their pre-registration.

Why use a Third Party Representative?
The use of a Third Party Representative allows the manufacturer or importer to keep their identity hidden when in discussion with other manufacturers, importers or downstream users. In such cases the identity of the company that has appointed the representative will not normally be disclosed by the European Chemicals Agency to other companies. This provides an opportunity to preserve confidential business information.

Services offered by ReFaC as a Third Party Representative

  • Represent the client in SIEF discussions or consortia meetings
  • Carry out substance sameness checks within the SIEF
  • Conduct data-sharing negotiations on behalf of the client
  • Act as a trustee to collect information from importers or downstream users
  • Provide regulatory consultancy to the client with regards to issues such as registration strategies, cost and timelines etc..

If you wish to discuss the Third Party Representative service please contact ReFaC for an initial, confidential discussion.

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