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Hazard & Exposure Scenarios and Chemical Safety Assessment

ReFaC can assist companies in all areas of Hazard & Exposure Scenario development and risk assessment for REACH.

Typically these services may include:

  • Surveying downstream users and collating use data in an appropriate format
  • Developing Exposure Scenarios to accurately describe how your substance is used
  • Calculation of exposure estimates using the appropriate tools and databases
  • Derivation of Derived No Effect Levels (DNELs) and Predicted No Effect Concentrations (PNECs) from hazard data
  • Calculation of risks resulting from the specific uses of the substance
  • Generation of the Chemical Safety Report (CSR) in the format specified by ECHA

For Joint Registrants ReFaC can also revise CSRs prepared by the Lead Registrant so that they accurately reflect your uses.

For further information or for a quotation tailored to your needs, contact ReFaC now.

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