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CLP Compliance Management

If you manufacture or import a chemical substance (or mixture) into the EU you will be affected by the new rules for the classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals (CLP). CLP places obligations on manufacturers/importers to (re)classify and (re)label all substances and mixtures. In addition, manufacturers/importers of substances (on their own or in mixtures) were required to notify the GHS classifications of their substances to ECHA by the 3rd Jan 2011.

If you are unsure about your obligations or need assistance with achieving compliance ReFaC can help. We offer the following services to our customers:

  • Regulatory consultancy on the implications of CLP for your business
  • Timelines for compliance
  • Identification of your obligations under CLP and development of compliance strategies
  • Comparative analyses of your obligations under CLP as compared to other relevant legislation (i.e. REACH)
  • Re-classification of substances or mixtures
  • Re-labelling of products
  • Notification to C&L inventory (if not already performed)
For more information, contact ReFaC now.

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